The Big Idea: College Town

Pop quiz: Name the first college town that comes to mind.

Maybe you said Cambridge, Massachusetts? Or Madison, Wisconsin? Ann Arbor, Michigan?

Downtown Brooklyn is New York City’s college town, with more than 60,000 students at 10 colleges and the only law school in Brooklyn. 

But like everything we do, we do college town the Brooklyn way. You won’t find a quad or football stadium on campus and there is no Greek Row. We’re not interested in replicating the traditional definition of an “alma mater.” Here, Brooklyn is your campus. Fellow students from different schools can be found studying together at cafes, parks, and libraries around town. And while there are plenty of college-specific events, with Brooklyn as the campus, students can attend concerts, openings, and events that the rest of the world only hears about the next day.

The heart of New York City’s third largest business district – and one of its strongest hubs for technology and innovation – Downtown Brooklyn is the kind of place to go to school if you believe the city itself is a kind of classroom. Here, internship opportunities are being offered everyday by the hundreds of innovation firms located steps from campus.

And to provide the connective tissue to help students at our area institutions access those opportunities, the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership founded the Brooklyn Education Innovation Network (BE.IN) in 2015.

What sets BE.IN apart

While you may have heard of college consortia across the country, what sets this innovative consortium apart is the focus on creating a strong talent pipeline connecting local students to jobs and internships at the hundreds of innovation firms in Brooklyn. In addition, BE.IN works to foster collaboration among member institutions to achieve economies of scale, create a sense of community among the over 11,000 faculty and staff of its member organizations, and help local businesses source the best talent to fill internship and graduate spots right in their own backyard.

Our college town events      

BEINnovative Symposium: Every spring, this multi-day series of talks, networking events, and hackathons are aimed at connecting the tech, creative, and academic communities in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle.

BE.IN Job + Internship Board: BE.IN updates this resource nearly every day with job and internship opportunities in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle.

Industry Meetups: These regular meetups bring together business leaders across a number of Brooklyn industries with faculty and alumni to foster community and encourage cross-collaboration.

BE.IN Leaders Program: Designed to help students learn the leadership skills needed for success beyond the classroom, this year-long program provides opportunities for student development through workshops and networking events.

Community Service Days: Held every semester, these intercollegiate events are a great way to meet students at other Downtown Brooklyn schools – and give back to the community.

Get involved with BE.IN

Head over to the Brooklyn Education Innovation Network website for more info on Brooklyn's college town