The Collision Series

In our neighborhood, you never know who you are going to meet. 

Whether you’re relaxing in the park, slurping down soup dumplings, or taking in a show, anyone you run in to might just be inventing a new technology, starring in a musical, making a film, or founding the world’s next big startup. It is this density, this opportunity for a collision of great leaders and thinkers from different backgrounds that makes Brooklyn an epicenter of ideas, and a place so vibrant, the whole world is trying to emulate it. That’s why we’re making those collisions happen, on camera, in this video series where we bring two great Brooklyn leaders together to share their ideas for the future of Downtown Brooklyn. 

Episode 1: NYU Tandon + Makers Row

Episode 2: Bre Pettis + Alan Fishman

Episode 3: MaryAnne Gilmartin + Mark Morris

Episode 4: Tina Roth Eisenberg + Ralph McDaniels