Sam Falls: Light Over Time

Public Art Fund and Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC) announce Sam Falls: Light Over Time, an exhibition featuring five new artworks that encourage the participation of visitors and explore the effects of the natural environment and time on the materials and forms of the work. Several of the pieces on view—like a seesaw, wind chimes, and bench—will seem familiar to any visitor, however, Falls has transformed the function and form of these traditional objects: the temperature-sensitive surface of the bench changes color under the body heat of a seated visitor, while Falls’ oversized wind chimes can be activated by visitors or tinkle brightly on a gusty day. These experiential works invite visitors to see the sculptures both as works of art and usable objects, inspiring a sense of curiosity, discovery, and exploration in a familiar space.

Image credit: Sam Falls, Untitled (Light Room B), (detail), 2014

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