DTBK Made: Tough Mudder

Field: Fitness, lifestyle, and media event production
Est: 2010
HQ: 15 MetroTech Center

With more than 90 employees at its MetroTech headquarters, Tough Mudder organizes some of the most recognizable team-building events and obstacle challenges in the world. The company has hosted 500+ races and challenges over the past decade. Today, they’re focused on creating a more dynamic festival presence, refreshing the customer experience, and expanding to countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and South Korea – and they’ve chosen Brooklyn as the base for this growth.

Brooklyn Born

Tough Mudder’s founders were living in Brooklyn when they started the company in 2010 and chose to build their business here for access to creative talent and partners in media and advertising. After outgrowing a small Dumbo loft, the firm moved to MetroTech in 2013. McLaughlin notes that the neighborhood has grown along with the company: “Downtown Brooklyn [in 2013] was really starting to grow and expand - we’ve been excited to see the wealth of growth in the area.”

DTBK Made: Tough Mudder
DTBK Perks

Many of Tough Mudder’s local employees walk and bike to work, but even employees based in New Jersey and New York outside the city find it convenient to get to the office. Once here, they enjoy local spots like Korilla and Cava for lunch and happy hours at DeKalb Market. Tough Mudder has even extended its Wi-Fi outside to MetroTech Commons so employees can work outside on sunny days.

DTBK Made: Tough Mudder
Space to Get Creative

The company’s headquarters features an on-site workshop with tools and materials to develop, test, and refine new obstacles for Tough Mudder courses. There’s also a prototype Tough Mudder Bootcamp gym, which serves double duty as a testing ground for the company and an on-site employee perk.

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