Lunchtime Juggling Group Pops Up Downtown

Those of us who live and work in Downtown Brooklyn know that lunchtime is one of the busiest times of day, whether it’s the out-the-door line at Shake Shack or coworkers catching up during a warm walk around Borough Hall.

But there’s one way Downtown Brooklynites are burning off the weekday steam that doesn’t involve double-stacked hamburgers. Of all the things popping up in the neighborhood—outdoor concerts, exciting tech companies, and new bars and restaurants—the new lunchtime juggling group at Cadman Plaza has to be one of the most intriguing.

Through the social networking community, juggler Heather Wolf founded the Learn to Juggle NYC group in April. Since then, the group, now 16 members strong, has met about a half a dozen times on select weekdays at 12pm in Cadman Plaza for workshops and open juggling sessions—and they’re looking for more to join them.

“Beginners are welcome and encouraged,” said Wolf. “It’s actually my passion to share juggling with as many people as possible! We look forward to teaching anyone that stops by and have some extra equipment for people to use.”

Wolf, who is also a personal trainer and the founder of JuggleFit, a company that hosts juggling classes and online videos, learned the skill through her experience as a bass guitarist with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circuses.

“One of the sound engineers for the band taught me,” she said. “There were plenty of great jugglers on the circus to practice with in between performances. I discovered quickly that juggling was great exercise.”

So why Downtown Brooklyn? Wolf herself lives and works in the area, as do several other group members.

“One of those people contacted me via Meetup and said she and a friend would be juggling in Cadman Plaza close to where she worked. She used to juggle every day in Bryant Park and missed it—there is a group there called the Bryant Park Jugglers that teach and practice every day at lunchtime. I had previously held some lunchtime meetups in DUMBO, and decided to move it downtown since there were jugglers working in the area,” explained Wolf.

For those intimidated by the idea of such a difficult hobby, Wolf has only comforting words: “It’s a fun challenge with endless possibilities. There’s always something new to learn, and making progress with juggling makes you feel good.”

Learn more by visiting the Learn to Juggle NYC Meetup group.