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Aaron Burnett + the Big Machine present “Quantum Breaks”

Aaron Burnett and his quintet the Big Machine return to Roulette with new jazz compositions inspired by electronic music techniques and sounds from his own long-standing fascination with UK drum ‘n’ bass. The band will be looking back to a classic period in drum ’n’ bass history in which jungle, drum ‘n’ bass and intelligent / ambient drum ‘n’ bass were all being created in a vibrant co-existent space. Collectively the band will emulate, and enhance, that complex sound-field of machine-based music with jazz improvisation and techniques. But it’s important to note that this isn’t a jazz over drum ‘n’ bass beats set – it’s new material that evolves from elements of machine-produced music, with those sounds in turn allowing Aaron’s quintet to soar and transcend genre-boundaries. Considering Aaron has performed on two Grammy winning albums, and has been exploring the zone he calls ‘Jazztronica’ for a good while now, we can assume that his goal of creating new ‘future music’ sonic atmospheres will be successful. As Aaron notes “Human evolution beyond the machines is upon us…”


Wed 8/30

$25 + up


Roulette Intermedium
509 Atlantic Avenue

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