They may be on garbage compactors, but there’s nothing trashy about these photos

Be on the lookout for beautiful photography exhibited outdoors throughout Downtown Brooklyn! Our Big Belly trash compactors are nothing new, but these lovely images of Downtown Brooklyn displayed on them are! Next time you take a stroll through the neighborhood, enjoy this outdoor exhibition of the best Instagram posts highlighting the area’s architecture, views, and spaces.

From the buildings of downtown’s historic skyscraper district set against a stormy sky, to an abstracted Barclays Center pointing to a sliver of moon, this exciting collection of work highlights some amazingly talented photographers, as well as the beauty of Downtown Brooklyn. While COVID may have interfered with the classic Downtown Brooklyn summer, this new collection serves as a reminder that, even in difficult times, we are lucky to call this neighborhood home.

A special thank you to all the photographers who made this project possible by giving us permission to use their wonderful photos.

Andre R. (@somebrooklynguy)
Brian C. (@brianxchin)
Fadi A. (@piax15)
Freddie A. (@freddie_william)
Glenn B. (@glennb1134)
Julian B. (@julianbarretophoto)
Krista B. (@thebrooklynbettina)
Marissa C. (@unicorninbk)
Michael S. (@stonemik)
Patrick M. (@viewsbypatrick)
Peter D. (@phodopete)

Have you taken a great photo of the area? Be sure to tag us on Instagram – you never know where it might end Up!