In response to Downtown Brooklyn’s transformation into a mixed-use neighborhood that is increasingly a home for families with young children, the NYC Department of Education and School Construction Authority worked with developers to create several hundred new elementary school seats. This work is now coming to fruition with the opening of two new public schools that will alter the educational landscape for Downtown Brooklyn. Both schools are integral elements of the new developments and will offer state of the art learning environments to a new generation of Brooklynites.

Albee Square Montessori Public School (13K 482)

Occupying six floors at JEMB’s One Willoughby Square, Albee Square Montessori Public School is the first and only public Montessori school in NYC. It promises multi-age classrooms rich with materials and experiences designed to help kids with a wide range of learning styles and developmental levels thrive through immersion in the natural world around them. With a capacity of 312 students, P.S. 482 will enroll pre-K and Kindergarten students this September and will grow by one grade per year up to the fifth grade. It will feature a music room, rooftop playground, gym, library, cafeteria, and is located directly next to Abolitionist Place.

P.S. 456 (15K 456)

Formed in partnership with The Brooklyn New School, un-zoned school P.S. 456 opens its doors at Alloy Development’s The Alloy Block in September 2024. With a capacity of 500 students, the school will commence with one pre-K and three Kindergarten classes, and expand one grade level per year up to Grade 5. The collaboration with Brooklyn New School includes the sharing of resources to build capacity in staff with on-going professional development and inter-visitations. Project-based learning will be centered, and social justice practices and curriculum will be crucial to build off the powerful work and legacy of Brooklyn New School. Students will thrive with the facility’s elevated play space, arts and music rooms, gym, and auditorium. Sign up for one of their virtual open house sessions.

The arrival of these new elementary schools, each embracing progressive and inclusive learning models, solidifies the neighborhood as a great location for families, and will add to Downtown Brooklyn’s lineup of great educational institutions!