This Women’s History Month, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership is proud to highlight the neighborhood’s many female founders and business owners. Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing their origin stories, their goals, and how they inspire others. We interviewed Amerrah Brown about her handmade vegan skincare line, Beautiful Amore.

Beautiful Amore Vegan Skincare, located at City Point, is more than just a store — it’s an experience. When you walk into City Point, follow your nose to Beautiful Amore and be greeted by a selection of plant-based personal care products that will delight. These products are perfect for people looking to move away from animal ingredients and harsh chemicals, maintain healthy skin, or ease the symptoms of eczema. Keep reading to find out how Amerrah’s own quest for healthier skin led to the founding of Beautiful Amore.

DBP: What inspired you to start this business?

Amerrah Brown (AB): The plan wasn’t to have a business – it only came as something out of necessity. About twenty years ago, my daughter and I had very bad eczema, and I found that there were a lot of chemicals and additives in the products we were using that didn’t help. So, I did the research and started creating my own concoctions. About six months later things started to change and the eczema disappeared. My friends and family noticed my skin was glowing, and they asked me what I was using.

DBP: What brought you to Downtown Brooklyn?

AB: I lived and had a storefront in Atlanta for ten years, but my base is now in New York City. I never thought I would have a store here, even though it was something I wanted. I found myself driving back and forth from Atlanta to New York every month. Before I came to City Point, I had a store on Bond and Atlantic. I chose Downtown Brooklyn because it’s more central. When I got that first store, I didn’t think that a year or two later I’d end up here with a 1500 square foot store. That blows my mind! For me, it was nothing but divine intervention and that is a testament to the fact that this is what I’m supposed to be doing — so I thank Downtown Brooklyn.

DBP: What do you enjoy about working in DTBK?

AB: The people! The people are so welcoming here. They walk by and stop and look and say how much they love the store. It’s different and unique and they are very happy to find out it’s a woman-owned business. There are all types of shoppers and residents who come inside, and we also get a lot of people from out of state. People especially appreciate that I specialize in eczema care since so many suffer from it.

DBP: What product would you recommend to someone who has never tried your products before?

AB: Definitely our oatmeal products. The oatmeal shea soap is mild and has very little scent. Once you try that, it will open you up to everything else. The store is like a one-stop shop — you can get everything from hair care to foot care. Once you start with our oatmeal products, you’ll wonder what else we have.

DBP: What is your personal favorite product?

AB: I have so many favorites. I would say my lemon lavender cream. I’m a huge fan of citrus because it’s very uplifting. It also gives my skin a glow. It really helps me, especially in the morning when I’m tired. I use that and I’m ready to go.

DBP: What is your most popular product?

AB: Most people come in for the oatmeal products. That’s something that we struggle to keep in stock. They come in and buy cartons of the oatmeal soap most days. It’s the oatmeal and shea.

DBP: What makes your business unique that keeps people coming back?

AB: I try to make my store appeal to all the senses. As soon as you walk inside you’re going to see all the colors, and the soaps that are on display almost look like something to eat. It makes you want to come in and ask, what is that? The ambience really attracts people.

DBP: What is next for Beautiful Amore?

AB: I want to take the blueprint I’ve created here at City Point and replicate it in other states. The ultimate plan is to go global. I want to offer opportunities for others all around the world via jobs and seminars, as my whole reason for getting into this business was to help other businesses as well. The other aspect of what I do is using the product as a vehicle to promote self-care. If you’re not caring for yourself, how can you move outward? You have to start from within. This is what everything in here is about — caring for yourself first and then caring for others. That’s my whole brand and why the name of my company is Beautiful Amore – it tells a story within itself. Love is beautiful. Love yourself first so that you can love others.

Amerrah Brown’s inspiring mission, as well as the company’s goal of uplifting other aspiring women-owned businesses, makes her a perfect subject during Women’s History Month. Check Beautiful Amore out and let them know DBP sent you! And to stay up-to-date with all the latest Downtown Brooklyn happenings this Women’s History Month, subscribe to our newsletter.