Upcycled clothes, jewelry and vintage items with an edge are the core of House of Kellogg’s unique collection. This bright and sassy storefront can’t help but catch your eye and is making a splash in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. We spoke with owner, Jennifer Kellogg about her creative process, and the inspiration behind the distinctive style of her shop.

DBP: Tell us a little bit about yourself and the story behind House of Kellogg.

Jennifer Kellogg (JK): I’m a metalsmith by trade and ran my own jewelry company for a long time, some items of which I have a selection of in the store. Then, a couple years before COVID I started to upcycle pants because I liked the idea of subverting the preppy prints you find in certain brands, for example Lilly Pulitzer. I can take embroidered clothing and create a one-of-a-kind piece, for example I once used a pair of pants that had sea horses on them, and I added a patch of the bride of Frankenstein. I made a print file of the patch and through sublimation made other items of clothing with that same print. Sublimation is a transfer of color through heat, which allows me to transfer the print indifferent sizes and orientations and colors. The original pants with the patch sold but using the prints I could keep making other items of clothing, like a sweatshirt or leggings. This process allows me to make just one item as opposed to having to print a ton, which is better for the environment because you don’t have to use and potentially waste a lot of fabric.

During COVID, I decided opening a store that featured my own designs and standout pieces was going to be a now-or-never thing, so I just went for it. My objective was to create a fun, happy, and colorful place that makes someone smile when they come in. All my products contribute to that effort!

DBP: Why Downtown Brooklyn?

JK: I’ve lived in this neighborhood for almost 18 years and it’s a great location for my store, near the hotels, tourists and all the subways. There’s a lot happening and its always getting bigger and better. The longer I’m here the bolder I want the store to become.

DBP: Do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs opening a store for the first time?

JK: Just save your money and do it. Get prepared and research. Be informed of your product and love it!

DBP: Do you have a favorite item in the store?

JK: That’s a tough one, they’re all my babies. I guess I would pick the Fiorucci lighter. It’s never been used, from the 80’s and super crazy rare. It’s from my personal collection and I think it’s amazing.

DBP: Who are your inspirations?

JK: When I moved to New York I really loved going to Pat Field’s store. That experience was in-mind when I was opening my shop. Her style and store were no holds barred—it was a crazy and amazing place, just totally different, and there’s nothing like it anymore.

DBP: What’s the mission behind House of Kellogg?

JK: It started with wanting to subvert the outfits of the preppy lifestyle. My hashtags are #dresstoagress and #preppyrepurposed. I love creating pieces –for example some of my jackets—that seem standard, but when you look closer or turn them around you realize how edgy they are. It’s a fantastic element of surprise because once people see it, they love it.

The second part of my mission is an effort to help the environment by upcycling clothes. I also love how the fashion world is changing and blurring lines by introducing more unisex objects and colors. It’s amazing. As a creative I want to give a nudge to that.

Find a unique piece to add to your wardrobe or home décor when you check out House of Kellogg, we’re sure you won’t find anything else like it. We’re excited to see what new and innovative concepts they have coming down the line. Be sure to post a photo of your visit and tag @DowntownBrooklyn or use #DowntownBrooklyn to be featured by us!