Osteria Brooklyn has opened at DeKalb Market Hall — offering traditional pastas, pizza, paninis, and antipasti along with Italian sodas, espresso, gelato, and cocktails. We had the chance to talk to owner, Chef Raffaele Solinas, who shared the story behind Osteria Brooklyn (as well as some of his delicious food) with us.

A destination for Italian fare since its opening in Clinton Hill, Chef Raffaele jumped at the chance to open an Osteria Brooklyn outpost in Downtown Brooklyn, describing the new location in Dekalb Market Hall as “a mini re-creation of the original Osteria.” Serving tableside pastas like cacio e pepe prepared on the parmesan wheel, elegant bar seating wraps around the kitchen, giving diners a view of the chefs at work, while the takeout counter serves coffee and gelato. Chef Raffaele also serves traditional osteria daily specials and Italian sweets such as fresh baked sponge cake and panna cotta.

Serving tableside pastas, prepared on the parmesan wheel.

A native of Sardinia, Chef Raffaele started working in restaurants at 16 years old, and has been in the New York food scene for over 30 years. “I came to New York in the 1980s on vacation,” he said, “and I’m still here…”

He opened his first two restaurants in the West Village before becoming the executive chef at Maiella in Long Island City. He is also vice president of the Associazione Italiana Chef of New York. After three years building up the restaurant in Clinton Hill, Chef Raffaele was excited to open a second spot in Dekalb Market Hall, giving him an opportunity to bring his Italian food to Downtown Brooklyn and share the cuisine with the community. Following the shift from Manhattan to Queens, he excitedly declared “I love being in Brooklyn now.”

Stop by Osteria Brooklyn in the Dekalb Market Hall for an afternoon treat or a hardy Italian meal. We can say from experience that you’ll leave happy. Don’t forget to post about your visit, and tag @downtownbrooklyn to be featured on our social media!