You can now find Somethin’ Else in the Dekalb Market Hall, a bar and lounge with creative cocktails, music, and more! This chic new spot has big plans for DJ sets, live music and art. We had the opportunity to speak with the owner, Michael D’Amato about his inspiration behind Somethin’ Else and the exciting programming they have in store.

DBP: What’s the story behind Somethin’ Else?

Michael D’Amato (MD): We came across the available space and felt it was a great fit for the bar. The name Somethin’ Else comes from the Jazz album by Cannonball Adderly of same name. We were inspired by the name and music and wanted the bar to embody the idea that you’re going to find ‘something else’ down here. We’ve worked hard to open the space, decorate and make it feel comfortable.

DBP: What type of programming do you have planned for the space? 

MD: We’re still sorting that out but have a lot of ideas! We’re working with DJ Mihoko, who is from Tokyo but also a long time New Yorker. Her sets have a retro seventies funk vibe going on that works very well. She’s planned to be our house DJ and we’re collaborating with her to bring other DJs that she’s met from a variety of spaces around the city. We’re planning to have constant DJ programming, and also looking to have a house band and to bring in musicians from jazz, classical, and world music traditions such as West African djembé drumming and sitar inspired Indian music. We hope the stage will give an opportunity to any kind of musical performer here.  

Additionally, we will often unite music with a variety of dance forms to be taught and performed in the space such as Salsa, Disco and West African Sinte. And of course, we will be in conversation with the community in Dekalb Market Hall and be in touch with events that are going on in the community. Over time we’ll keep building out our programming, it’s such a versatile space.  

DBP: Can you sum up the mission of Somethin’ Else? 

MD: We want it to be a diverse, inclusive and multi-formatted place where you can find all types of programming. Everyone involved in opening the bar either comes from a restaurant or music and art background, so it’s important to us that we foster an all-embracing community. We hope the space can act as a retreat from the bustle out in the food hall, and to create a hub of social activity for the people living and working around us to relax and have fun. Somethin’ Else is the music and dance complement to the foods from around the world on offer in DeKalb Market — a space to create an authentic connection between deeply devoted musicians and lovers of music and dance. 

DBP: Why Downtown Brooklyn?

MD: I think the neighborhood is only a few years away from being the place to be! We’re right on the edge of something very exciting. Downtown Brooklyn is a defining part of New York City and although many neighborhoods, including this one, are changing all the time, we hope to embrace what makes Downtown Brooklyn so special while also adapting to the changes happening around us.

Next time you’re shopping at City Point and grabbing a bite to eat in Dekalb Market Hall, make sure to stop by this cool, cozy getaway. You’ll be greeted with tasty drinks, good vibes, and fun times. Join them on Thursday, May 25 from 6PM-midnight to kick off summer with their Cocktails & Cabana party.

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