Field: Consulting
Est: 2008
hq: 1 Willoughby Square

Global Consultancy Sets Up Shop in Downtown Brooklyn 

Founded by Johannes Suikkanen and two partners in Helsinki in 2008, Gemic opened its New York City office nine years later. Its inception stemmed from a vision of redefining corporate engagement and understanding how global societal shifts, cultural dynamics, and individual lifestyles impact businesses. Today, Gemic has six offices around the globe and operates as an innovation and strategy consultancy catering primarily to governments and Fortune 500 companies.

Gemic focuses on four distinct sectors: humanity and technology; consumer brands; health and pharma; and societal and social transformation. Their approach to strategy and innovation consulting differs from conventional management consulting by prioritizing the understanding of long-term societal and cultural shifts, historical contexts, and the interplay between technology, marketplace dynamics, and human behavior. Clients typically engage Gemic when they hit a plateau or face disruptive technologies, seeking assistance in uncovering avenues for future growth and formulating strategic imperatives.

Why Downtown Brooklyn?

Gemic’s NYC office was originally in the Financial District. Following the pandemic, Gemic consciously sought an office space where people could concentrate, collaborate, and unwind, with amenities like outdoor areas for socializing and relaxation. “You get very comfortable doing remote work, but for people to enjoy work, it must have this social element that binds people together, like a shared passion and love for interesting questions and problems,” Suikkanen said. He also believes that being in a workspace as a team leads to deeper collaboration and creativity and allows employees to learn from their colleagues.

Gemic chose Downtown Brooklyn for the superior accessibility it provides their employees – many of whom live in Brooklyn. An analysis of employee commute times found that Downtown Brooklyn offered the greatest convenience for the team. Their new office at 1 Willoughby Square is designed to be a pleasant and communal workspace that feels like a home away from home. The building’s access to views and abundant natural light was heartily embraced and influenced the office layout. With their new HQ, Gemic is excited to be part of the changing fabric of Downtown Brooklyn.