Murals for the Movement, presented by Street Theory Gallery

Downtown Brooklyn + Dumbo Art Fund


Murals for the Movement is a public art initiative curated by Liza Quiñonez of Street Theory Gallery aimed at activating the Downtown Brooklyn and Dumbo communities with three large-scale, uplifting, and impactful murals that inspire a sense of connectivity and pride, while sparking conversations around racial and social justice.

These murals serve as an expanded collaboration among three nationally and internationally renowned, Brooklyn-based artists — Cey Adams, Sophia Dawson, and Victor “Marka27” Quiñonez — who, together, have over 30 years of experience in the public art, fine art, hip hop, and pop culture space. The three artists worked together to create murals that reflect their African American and Latinx heritages while expressing their personal experience within the current social climate.

The three murals on display are:

“Standing in the Gap” by Sophia Dawson

Front Street between Pearl Street and Adams Street

“The concept [of this mural] stems from the necessity to acknowledge the legacy of the generation that came before that fought for our rights and freedom as we continue to contend for the destiny we deserve. It also speaks to the importance of spiritual warfare and how a battle must be won spiritually before it is won physically. The background [incorporates] a color bars theme and use of the ginkgo African fabric for my cultural pattern that will appear throughout the mural.”“
— Sophia Dawson

“LOVE” by Cey Adams

Prospect Street at Adams Street

“My LOVE murals are designed to encourage the viewer to think and see beyond the surface. The work inspires examination and positive conversation. The images, graphic shapes, and vivid colors relate to the complexity of our diverse community.”
— Cey Adams

“Back to the Essence, Brooklyn” by Victor ‘Marka27’ Quiñonez

195 Gold Street at Sands Street and BQE

“This mural celebrates the African Diaspora and contemporary Afro Futurism. The two females are a symbol of strength, black pride, and beauty. The multi-cultural patterns are inspired by African mud cloth. The neo-indigenous patters are original and created by Marka27. The tropical background, bold colors, and tie back to the motherland Africa with flowers, plants, and animals native to Africa.”
— Victor “Marka27” Quiñonez

“The Downtown Brooklyn + Dumbo Art Fund is vital to the growth and mission of our creative organization. The DRI goals help us to continue supporting Black Artists and Artists of Color as pivotal to the re-imagining of more diverse, multicultural, and tolerant cities, neighborhoods, and communities. This grant gives us the resources and opportunity to enhance and support equity in the art industry while beautifying neighborhoods with diverse and culturally-inspired imagery that expresses a strong sense of civic and social engagement.”
– Liza Quiñonez, Curator

“As a Brooklyn artist I believe in community first, everyone should support the Downtown Brooklyn Revitalization Initiative. Beautifying our neighborhoods is the Brooklyn way!”
– Cey Adams, Artist

“This grant will allow me to take my studio practice to the walls of Brooklyn without any creative constraint. It will bring the communities that deal with the issues that are addressed in my work to the forefront both through the art that is placed on the wall and their physical involvement in programming. It also will provide a space and platform for current movements to continue to speak.”
– Sophia Dawson, Artist

“This grant will serve the community by creating murals that uplift, empower, and inspire future generations through awareness of social impact issues that affect BIPOC communities. We will also mentor emerging youth artists as assistants through the creative process of creating public art; Murals For The Movement is for the people, by the people.”
– Victor “Marka27” Quiñonez, Artist