Make It In Brooklyn

FinTech startups: Apply to the next Make It in Brooklyn Pitch Contest

Calling all FinTech startups! Apply now to compete at Make It in Brooklyn’s FinTech pitch competition. If you’re changing the way people pay each other, transfer assets, or invest, we want to hear from you.

The pitch contest will take place March 28th. Applications are open until 5pm EST on Friday March 8th, 2019.


Brooklyn is a place where entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation intersect, and Downtown Brooklyn is at the heart of it all. The Make It in Brooklyn campaign supports creative drive.

For the past three years, Make It In Brooklyn, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership’s campaign to support entrepreneurship and cultivate a lasting innovation ecosystem throughout Brooklyn, has supported hundreds of start-ups. Our series of pitch contests, meet-ups, and summits have brought together hundreds of entrepreneurs and provided over $90,000 in seed money and pro-bono professional services.